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Back Porch Pipes

Back Porch Pipes is a refurbished tobacco pipe business that I was recruited to design the logo and identity for in 2023. While it's a far cry from my usual style, the client and myself are very pleased by the results.

re.vival Co.

re.vival Co is a new podcast from my friend and mentor Arielle Moyal about life: including everything from food to mental health to work. She pitched the concept to me in late summer of 2023 and I was more than happy to help bring her vision to life: helping her choose colors, type, elements, and making the logos. I also helped set up her temporary Canva website and some of the initial social media posts.

Howler Fitness Co. Logo

A logo commission for an acquaintance's gym. While I never recommend starting a business with just a logo and would prefer to provide an entire identity (or just a brand board), I do my best to start these clients off on the right track regardless.

Bubu Pharmacy
(Fan Project)

Bubu Pharmacy is a location from the popular video game Genshin Impact by Hoyoverse. This brand identity for the fictional business is a passion project I became inspired to create after graduating from Nazareth and looking for inspiration in my everyday life.


“Femme” was a project for my junior year at Nazareth, meant to combine knowledge from multiple disciplines into an open-ended project that was exciting and relevant to me. I created “Femme” from the ground up, creating the concept, brand identity, and promotional materials, as well as the beginnings of a women’s rights social media campaign (see video at the bottom) and a series of posters representing lesbians in a non-sexualized (normalized) way.


In the face of the current political climate, I sought to create a concept supportive of all types of women. In theory, Femme would be a mix of Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Goodwill, and other similar nonprofits. It would provide reproductive healthcare, support for abuse victims, resources for poor or disabled women, and childcare resources, and would fight for women’s rights in the social and legal spheres.


I wanted the branding to be feminine but inclusive. The face logo needed to be recognizable as female but also vague enough that all kinds of women could see themselves in it, while the expression on the face is meant to portray a soft sense of happiness. The color palette is based roughly on the lesbian flag while incorporating blue, a traditionally “male” color, and orange, a neutral color, meant to symbolize a range in femininity.

This project won a Silver Student ADDY in 2023.


FroZone was my final project for Advertising Design at NAZ. Each student was assigned a unique and random “client" (all made up and played by the professor) to work with, each with their own challenges. FroZone was the concept assigned to me: meant to be a healthy frozen yogurt place that attracts health-conscious adults and parents, but that was still fun and playful enough to attract kids and be considered a treat. My challenge was making the brand from the ground up, with only a concept and a name.


One of my graphic design projects at Nazareth, “HydroLight” was born from the simple, random prompt of a hydroelectric company. Each student was tasked with creating a brand identity and stationary system for an imaginary company in a seemingly mundane industry.


The concept behind my imaginary company was the merging of clean energy, water, and electricity. Electricity can take many forms, but I chose to focus on a lightbulb because of the positive connotations associated with light or brightness. The rest of the identity developed around this: monochromatic blue for water and cleanliness, sans-serif fonts for modernity, and a floral shape with leaves for nature.


Our stationary sets were required to contain a business card, so I took the opportunity to explore the utilization of die-cutting technology. The business card mockup was edited to create the logo-shaped die cut, allowing my professor and classmates to truly envision my concept.


Natuvita is an inclusive vitamin gummy brand that I created for a direct mailer assignment. While I’m not terribly fond of the branding my professor was adamant in his love for it and I’m proud of the concept overall. I had recently learned about

B-Corporations and sought to make this hypothetical company one of them, basing the entire concept on inclusivity and sustainability.

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