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A collection of post-college paintings done for fun. Prints of some of these designs are also available in my online stores!

Typography Projects

A collection of design/type based projects.

Prints of some of these designs are also available in my online stores!

Art Commissions

The final products of 2023 and onward freelance art/illustration commissions.

Digital Illustrations

A collection of illustrations done for fun or friends/family. Includes character design work.

Typographic Bugs

This typography series was a project from Type 1 at Nazareth University. Using just Snell Roundhand and Playfair Display and with minimal form editing, I chose and modeled these four insects.

College Paintings and Illustrations

A collection of my non-design works from Nazareth university, for a variety of courses.

The double complementary self-portrait painting was for Art 101 during my first semester at NAZ and won the Shelly Swicegood award that spring in the student show.

No Evil Series

I took metalsmithing as an extracurricular in my final semester of college. I utilized the 3-project semester to make this series based on the saying “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Each piece is made of copper and alternative materials consisting of lace, fake flowers, and beads.


It’s a series heavily reliant on the traditional Christian/catholic/etc. symbolism of wings as symbols of angels and purity. I have always found issue with the use of religion to justify ignorance/hate or to ignore problems and wanted to represent that with this series. I have a personal history tied to this concept, but the greater idea is the hundreds and thousands of people were wronged by the church in some way, shape, or form.


Photos by Isabel Hilliker (Spring 2023) at Nazareth College. Modeled by me.

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